New Feats And Latest From Nintendo And Mobile Games

Not a lot of gaming news going on but the first thing we have to talk about is Street Fighter 5 and some a pair of changes that it seems like Capcom is adding to really change how multiplayer is done. I don’t know if you guys have been following Street Fighter 5 but since its release its been plagued with some issues here and there and Capcom has been trying to improve the online experience and what they’re doing now according to some leaked documents from the gap is that they are changing some of the matchmaking and capabilities of online to actually designate people who are rage quitters. Yes Capcom seems like they’re finally actively fighting against a rage quitter something that has been notoriously a problem for Street Fighter 5 completely.

Now basically if your designated a rage quitter you’ll have a little icon next in your name and you’ll more likely be grouped with other people who play just like you do and on the opposite end it also goes for people who never disconnected never quite a match early. They’ll get a special designation as well for being the best behave players honestly I can just say good on you Capcom because a lot of people who have stuck with this game really deserve feature implementations like this so hats off to you.

Something that caught my eye and was extremely interesting is some new information about the new Doom one of our favorite games of the year it’s fucking so good sorry anyway but what I want to talk about is new information from Bethesda members talking about how they were designing the game and I’m sure you guys have probably seen those leaked footage of an early trailer and and how the game originally had a very different direction it was going to be doing for it was much more focused to be a Call of Duty like think it was a very cinematic experience apparently and you also fought mostly on earth which is just insane to think about for something like do ultimately. It seemed like it was not a fit and there are a ton of more details all featured in Danny O’Dwyer and no clips documentary which I got to recommend. It’s so good you guys got to check it out there’s tons of information about doing it’s worth watching because like I said this new Doom is a really good game shockingly when they just the rocket was so good we just make broccoli game of the year. Again I always do it right thank you guys know what we like to do on the show we like to highlight cool things that people made about video games.

You have to check out these propaganda style posters reflecting stuff like the Soviet Union and even as far back as World War 2 type posters and it’s actually anti Mario propaganda and it’s very very cool we’ve linked the artist down below honestly I would like to buy these and just hang them up everywhere because they’re really cool and briefly just as a shout out after sent us their new A50 line of wireless headsets and we’ve been playing around them in the office and so far they’re pretty good. What I’m really digging most now is the fact that charging the thing and keeping it honest and isn’t sucky now they’ve actually included a magnetic base that you just plop the headphones down on and it charges while the design is mostly the same they do have some improvements with connectivity and how you use them and how they sound and I think they’re pretty good they didn’t pay us to say that or anything but they sent it to us. So I figured we’d give them a mentioned something that caught our eye was pretty interesting I don’t know if you guys caught this but after PSX and the announcement of the crash bandicoot insane trilogy collection there was actual raw gameplay footage posted onto YouTube that is actual straight gameplay of like an entire level of the game. It’s like a supercut but there’s lots of real gameplay there and you can really look and see what they’re doing here and interestingly enough a lot of people on YouTube took those scenes from insanity beach. The original levels in the first game and compared to two versions the original Playstations and this new remaster it’s very interesting to see the differences here. I think they are doing a great job it looks frickin awesome but there’s some little differences like in terms of sound and animations that feel a little bit off but then again the game is still in development so time will tell but I figured you crash fans like me would want to check it out.

Since we are on the topic of graphics it looks like once again Nintendo Switch is graphical capabilities are the talk of the town thanks adventure beyond their sources we’ve gotten some real confirmation on what the graphical power is with the Nintendo switch and yes like the speculation has been. This thing does not hold a candle to either the ps4 or the Xbox One actually based off of outdated Maxwell architecture which is not use what you’ve probably heard the Pascal architecture that are modern games and this article has set console fanboys of flame because everybody cares about graphics and how bad Nintendo is going to be because nobody ever really remembers history and realizes that Nintendo really never cares about being on the cutting edge of graphics and usually works out for them except for the Wii U.

The reason they’re going  for this older architecture and probably a tegra chip is the speculation is that there are going to be able to work  some wizardry and the development magic and as well as especially clocking the tegra chip specifically for the  Nintendo Switch to really take advantage of things and also keep it cheaper and keep this cheaper than a  regular modern console. That is why Nintendo is probably going for this I’m really curious to see how this can  work out Nintendo’s favor because if they can work some wizardry here and just really surprised us with some  outdated hardware and really get the most out of it and intense which can really live up to some of the hype. Its really definitely getting now but since we are  talking about the Nintendo Switch there has been a patent surface that Nintendo filed for VR which what looks like it  basically the Nintendo Switch is  main unit on the controller screen thing that has been rumored to be 720p you can remove the controllers on the side and slot  into a headset similar to something like the Samsung gear VR. So now what they want is you to strap a Nintendo Switch  to your face which probably I can only imagine it sucks because if this is a 720p screen especially if it’s  just 540 games that are just uh president 720p means it is going to the size of your place.

Okay yeah so it’s roughly the size of a Playstation 2 slim so this is this is me with a Nintendo Switch we are on my face I feel like I’m in the future I think that more than anything could lead to a lot of questions but if you think about it in a perfect world. It’s perfect the design of the Nintendo Switch works out great because you can remove the controllers from the thing which means you put the face on your screen with the headset and then you take the two controllers and you play VR but like I said the real limitation here is what the screen is apparently going to  be and of course companies do file patents just to cover their bases any ideas that they play around with. So  this could never really actually become a thing but its shares how fun to talk about and with something I’m  very very sad to report is that Ubisoft it looks like they’ve patched out that fucked-up face of that guy in  Assassin’s Creed 2 in the Assassins creed collection the patch notes for the newest update on the ps4 version  actually specifically highlight and mention that they got rid of the weird face. Now for those of you that  don’t know this face got wildly popular thanks to a polygon video but apparently. It’s not always a thing it’s very randomized with the NPC’s in the  background but for the off chance that you do get this guy’s messed-up face wit here we’re gonna miss him he  will be missed you tell you.

I don’t know if you guys have been living under a rock or maybe just hate mobile games (war machine :war tank generator) with Super Mario Run has released and according to reports the thing hit 2.85 million downloads in one day that is crazy and that also kicks the piss out of Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go reportedly was downloaded nine hundred thousand times in one day but i’m pretty sure that data doesn’t also count on Android Super Mario run for those of you that don’t know was only on iOS which is really funny because there’s actually a boot like knockoff android version called what is  it called plumber of jump it is called and my phone right here Super Mario Run.

I hope you didn’t pay any money for that did you guys downloaded or just the free version at least it seems pretty fun I really don’t know how long it’s gonna keep my interest especially for ten blocks but it does seem like Nintendo did a good job with their first real official outing of a hardcore parkour is not the word game on mobile but of course. Now it is time for the giveaway you guys know the deal there’s a form down below you click it to enter and then you’re entered forever and every single week I going and randomly choose one winner to win a free consult of their choice. Keep in mind if you don’t win this weekend chances are with a probability with so many people you probably won our video game awards show at EA our game of the year 2016 pics that we’re doing later this month will have a giveaway in that as well that you’re probably gonna like but I digress.




Ideal Heroes For Attack in 5000 Rings


Are you acquainted with the most recent video game this year? Clash of Lords 2 the latest version of Clash of Clans in a totally new level together with the improvement of bases and various heroes. Welcome Clash of Lords in your tablet, iPhone and Ipad for a further clash battle along with your guild you may enjoy another experience. Right now the video game Clash of Lords 2 is mainly concentrate upgrading or level up the Heroes. The question, is which is the ideal 5000 rings Hero? You may have the best Hero or you don’t have any thought. In case you have just begun to play the game then you can acquire help in this short article. You have lot to choose from which is the ideal hero for 5000 rings including Pounder, Blockhead or Demon Slayer. So what’s so great regarding this three? These are the only ones that really that’s worth to battle enemy base or keep.

At this moment let’s check these hard core huge heroes. First is Pounder, it’s got its power to teleport through walls and everywhere that’s concentrating on and possesses ATK factors of 540 and HP is 13440. While Blockhead ATK 600 and HP 1200 while its power is Melee Attack and possesses SPD by 20 % for you and your Destroyers for 15 secs. Cost 4 Rage.

While Demon Slayer HP 900 and ATK 600 with the power that destroys everything around it even though it depends on how hard it hits and it also power reaches. Pounder has an ox warrior, Blockhead has the executioner and also the same with Demon Slayer. Should you zoom in your screen Demon Slayer is much more obvious when compared with Blockhead if we check their look.
It doesn’t matter what XP level or Attack level of these three Heroes if you utilize them into dungeon raid Pounder features a excellent performance when compared with Blockhead and Demon Slayer because of its chance to pound walls and teleport to its target. Pounder is good to eliminate bases and the Hero for battle or perhaps raid. While DemonSlayer focus on in coming towards the Hero of the enemy and kill them. While Blockhead is an excellent help as well however there are occasions that Blockhead lost in the way, he can’t locate the best path to destroy enemy base.

If you’re a beginner and want to Play Clash of Lords 2 Heroes I would recommend that you must get first Pounder utilizing rings purchase simply because if you unlock or grasp Pounder utilizing jewel it will require lots of jewels and jewels are extremely rare.


Developing these three heroes making use of their expertise and power often means a lot during raid and resource raid. Therefore it is ideal what sort of Hero you need to use depending what type of enemy level and power. So there you have it, to learn more check my link to have the benefit to level up Pounder, Blockhead and Demonslayer.

Funny Moments of GTA Online Never Cease

Now that GTA Online is ready to access and gamers are still looking for means to eliminate one another. Here is a new video where the gamers can utilize their body as a means of eliminating their target.

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To be precise is not a video that features fist fighting alone. There is a new stupid stunt in the game where game characters will do skydiving and land on people in the street or any terrain. It seems that this kind of action seems nonsense at all but not to the fans of GTA online gamers. You might think it is easy but the game will not let you just have an easy challenge when you this, because you have to hit the target while floating in the air and if you cant hit them you keep on coming back again to the plane and sky dive once more. The mechanics seems so awkward since you cannot at all do some damage if they hit a particular individual.

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Although there are means for these jumpers to eliminate their targets, though, while they hit on cars on top they will cause significant damage on cars and vehicles will explode. Actually at the end of the contest there will be no points for those who do the stunts.

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While this is not a good way to eliminate a target, this challenge is a cool one. One of the basic concepts of GTA 5 entertainment is the humor in the game and this is where most gamers have focus. The video game will not let you get bored because of these hilarious stunts and challenges.

If you came across with videos that are so funny, continue to focus on that one and you might play there as well. Those guys who created the video style will try this concept later on. After few mistakes and errors in participating in the game room, they will soon develop a great timing in eliminating foes or jumping cars in the right angle to win the match.

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There are lots of excitements you can experience in this video game, since the game will give you the chance to create Deathmatch and Race and design your own area and place some props and control the tempo of the video game. For instance the drivers died will get a new chopper and fly once more to do the same action again until you can master the challenge.

If you want more of GTA online you can check out more for more action and adventure.

Earning Profits In SimCity BuildIt

One particular essential thing you want to do in terms of playing SimCity BuildIt is to produce lots of cash. Acquiring money in the Global Trade HQ and trading them on the Trade Depot. For those who have many grounds for this type of undertaking why you have to produce a lot of money in the game, you can adhere to my technique shown in this review. Personally, I purchase Storage although you can at the same time carry out your own style as long it will produce plenty of cash.

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Here’s what I’ve discovered from purchasing something from Global Trade HQ you have to be fast to go there and select instantly because somebody might acquired those things you need to buy. It is advisable to instantly to buy the first page considering in the second page you have to scroll form left to right which will take a lot time.


After you choose the products for Global Trade HQ, you can place them in Trade Depot and you promote them. It’s not necessary to be concerned if other gamers online should purchase or otherwise since they will require these things you have show and throughout their development in the game taking part in SimCity BuildIt. There are components you need to purchase online so that various other avid gamers will undoubtedly purchase those refined product from your Trade Depot instead of making those materials using their Factories which demands a lot of time and resources. Don’t forget to note that this Global Trade HQ will come over to your amusement if you’re really serious relating to playing the video game. The good thing regarding about placing goods in Trade Depot is that you may have revenue as it generate income along with other Cities of the gamers online who’re searching for these materials.


This is the way SimCity is so distinctive since you are not only creating the City however, you supply avid gamers online or your City despite every day utilize components like desk, CC TV cameras, fingernails, vegetation, baskets, plates and a lot more. You will end up the individual who will give you a cost for this substance you are likely to sale. Even though you can not anticipate all components is going to be sold, but you’ll have the confidence that afterwards those unsold components is going to be marketed later on. You just need to wait patiently, trading materials can vary on the necessity of the various other gamer online. So you’ve got to speculate what they will really need throughout their improvement. Basically SimCity BuildIt is the same with genuine world since it feature morning and nighttime. Although you can avoid conducting business every morning in the game you can also perform some Trading throughout the night and anticipate earnings each morning.

Pokemon Video Games Very Popular

pokemon 1

Whenever a video game is anticipated by gamers there will be lots of copies being leaked even if the game is not release in the specific areas. Maybe the company of the video game loves to hang their clients so that they will seek after this video game. The game which I mentioned is Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Even before it was released in particular areas, Forbes stated that the title has initially sold over 3 million units. This assessment comes from the magazine Famitzu of Japan, which as well included in 3 million units have been moved, while over 1 million have been move from Japan.  Once more that kind of number will not consider any delivery from the European area, as it is also featured in Australia, North America and Japan.

pokemon 2

It is been pointed out that Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire has been a revised of the GameBoy title. The reason that fans are still looking for the revision which show that the game is not just worth the re-make, but also the game are worth to play.
pokemon 3
However if the players must have the game in their hands, there are still any problem of a game-breaking bug which is discovered in the game. The Pokemon Company has declared that there will be patch to fix the problem.  Another patch as well has been created whenever there are any issues might appear. The game may stop when the game change to the ending. This glitch will occur after the final boss of the game.

At this time, fans can have fun capturing and hunting various Pokemon in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Followers have been very watchful regarding capturing and finishing and fill the Pokedex to totally enjoy the video game.

Check out Pokemon Omega Ruby free download here to have fun in Pokemon battle without limitation.